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Music through motion


The AUUG Motion Synth transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a new kind of musical instrument: An expressive controller that lets you play notes via touch and shape their sound through motion.


Play any sound


The AUUG Motion Synth creates sound by tracking your movements and screen touches to ‘play’ other iOS sound apps, giving you access to a vast array of sounds and effects. You can also play external devices like hardware synths or vocal harmonizers as well as control audio or visual software on a laptop.


Learn, create, and collaborate



The AUUG grip ergonomically secures your iOS device to your hand and provides tactile screen feedback, so you can comfortably and accurately play the screen with your fingers and move the device freely at the same time.

AUUG app

The AUUG app converts your iOS device’s motion sensor data into signals for shaping sound, and transfers these signals to other iOS sound apps or external devices. It also lets you design and save your own ways of controlling sound through motion as presets.

AUUG Cloud icon

The AUUG cloud will let you download and upload AUUG app presets directly from your iOS device, allowing the AUUG user community to share and discuss their latest ideas for controlling sounds and visuals through motion.





The Team 

This project has brought together a dedicated international team of hardware designers, software coders, and artists. At the core of the project is its founder, Joshua Young. Originally a neuroscientist whose research led him to Berlin, Joshua’s contact with the city’s electronic music scene inspired him to create human-centric musical interfaces designed to let ‘motion shape sound, rather than the other way around’.