AUUG Motion Synth Pre-order  (shipping June 30 2014)

  • Available for pre-order here is the AUUG Motion Synth including the AUUG grip, AUUG app, and AUUG cloud access. For people who were too late for the Kickstarter campaign we are offering a post-kickstarter discount of 10% off the retail price FOR A LIMITED TIME only.
  • Orders will be shipped out on a first come first served basis, and you can update or cancel your order prior to June 30 2014, at no cost to you. So jump the queue and get a special price by ordering now – risk free! By pre-ordering here your card will not be charged until we are ready to ship your Motion Synth to you.
  • NB: iPhone or iPod touch not included!
The AUUG grip frame is made from a single sheet of aircraft grade aluminum, that is laser-cut, cold CNC-bent, and given a tumble-smoothed, clear-anodized finish. The front face of your iOS device is also protected by an aluminium frame with a matching finish. The front section of the AUUG grip includes swappable components, which allow you to precisely fit either iPhone models 4S, 5, 5S, or 5C; or the 5th generation iPod touch. If you switch iOS devices after you pre-order you can easily update your pre-order to an AUUG grip model that fits your new device at no cost. As the physical dimensions of iPhones and iPod touch devices change with new models we will create updated AUUG grip designs to fit them. Existing users will be offered significant discounts if they wish to upgrade their AUUG grip model in the future.