Who are we?

Along our development journey we have assembled a fantastic and diverse fulfillment team, including design and coding partners from the USA and Australia:

  • Industrial design: We are working with SGW Designworks (www.sgwdesignworks.com); a specialist team made famous in the Eric Ries bestseller ‘The Lean Startup” for their capacity to expertly select from a diverse range of manufacturing techniques to rapidly implement, test, and deliver high quality products.
  • Software design: We have hand-picked expert programmers with deep experience in MIDI coding, digital audio, and audio/visual control interfaces (from work at industry-leading interface companies like Fairlight and SmartAV).
  • Passionate and determined leadership: Coordinating the team is Dr Joshua Young who created the original design, led initial development, and brings an abundance of enthusiasm to the project, as well as his own experience in trying out different kinds of motion-based musical control.
  • Expert mentors: We are also extremely lucky to have two legends in music technology innovation providing guidance along the way: Peter Vogel, co-creator of the Fairlight CMI (the first commercially available digital sampler and musical sequencer) – www.petervogelinstruments.com.au ; and Roger Linn, creator of the first digital sample drum machine, designer of the Akai MPC60 and MPC3000, and widely considered to be the father of the modern drum machine –www.rogerlinndesign.com