In this video the Motion Synth (for iPhone/iPod touch) is being used to control Ableton Live via MIDI messages sent over WiFi.

The improvised performance of all these sounds was recorded live during filming and has been edited into the condensed sequence shown here.

The iOS device used with the AUUG grip and app was an iPod touch (5th generation).

Multiple tracks were being controlled in Session view during the performance and the effects/parameters were:

Master volume level (tilting down decreases volume)

Grain delay (tilting up increases mix level and pitch)

Beat repeat (separate beat divisions controlled via screen buttons)

Crossfade/Pan (left to right orientation)

Volume of additional bass and percussion tracks (forearm rotation)

The WiFi connection between the Motion Synth and the MacBook Pro was operating in ‘ad hoc’ mode. This is a direct WiFi connection that does not require any extra hardware or software (i.e. no wireless router need) NB: The Windows operating system requires the installation of additional freeware to receive MIDI data from iOS devices while operating in the ad hoc WiFi mode).

You can easily map the MIDI note and CC messages coming from the Motion Synth to any parameter in Ableton, as simply as you would with any other MIDI controller. Just hit the MIDI map button and start moving the Motion Synth around to find the movement or orientation you want to control a specific audio parameter or effect.