In this video the Motion Synth is controlling Chet Singer’s ‘Serenade’ ensemble within Reaktor (Native Instruments), running on a Macbook Pro (MIDI messages received from Motion Synth over ad hoc Wi-Fi).

One of the long term goals of the Motion Synth project is to get highly expressive and responsive sounds like this available in app form on your mobile device, such that no external devices are required for synthesis.

The improvised performance of this violin emulation was recorded live during filming and has been edited into the condensed sequence shown here.

The iOS device used with the AUUG grip and app was an iPod touch (5th generation)

The Wifi connection between the Motion Synth and the macbook pro is operating in ‘ad hoc’ mode: a direct WiFi connection that does not require any extra hardware or software (i.e. a wireless router, NB: Windows operating system requires the installation of additional freeware to receive MIDI data from iOS devices in the ad hoc WiFI mode).