What is the Motion Synth?


The AUUG Motion Synth (pronounced ‘aug’ as in ‘augment’) consists of three components: 

The Motion Synth Grip, the Motion Synth App, and the AUUG cloud.


Simply install the Motion Synth App, slip your iPhone or iPod touch* into the Motion Synth Grip, and you are ready to play!

* Compatible with iPhone (4S and up) and iPod touch (5th generation and up)

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Effortlessly expressive

See the expressive potential of motion-to-sound control in this ‘acoustic’ demo, where the Motion Synth is wirelessly controlling violin sound software on a laptop:

The Motion Synth includes on-board sounds specifically designed for motion-control, and we have designed the Motion Synth to also work with the apps, software, and hardware you are using right now:

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A slider on a mixing desk can move in one way only, up or down. By comparison, your hand can move in six different ways – in location and orientation – all at the same time! Why not use this incredible freedom of movement as a way to create sounds that are musically rich and expressive? Here is the Motion Synth in action with Ableton Live:

Enjoy playing all the way from beginner to virtuoso

We love physical instruments, and we know the reason they can be so frustrating for the beginner is that so many aspects of sound must be controlled simultaneously. Because the Motion Synth is a ‘virtual instrument’, you can select very simple forms of sound control to begin with, and progress gradually to greater levels of expressive control as you seek to challenge and improve your skills.  To begin with you can also choose a musical scale to precisely suit whatever your fellow musicians are playing, or whatever music you are listening to, and start improvising along immediately – without any fear of playing a ‘wrong’ note.