This motion controller from AUUG has great potential for live performance!


It’s clear the designers of the Motion Synth have thought deeply about how to efficiently capture the subtle gestures of the fingers, hand and arm for nuanced musical performance. I look forward to hearing the music that artists will create with this powerful and innovative musical tool.

Roger Linn

So awesome to be able to automate multiple effects via gestures. Makes producing SO much faster and expressive
…..Officially addicted!


It’s just surprising that nobody thought of this before, because the concept is so simple and intuitive


No keyboard controller I know of gives this level of feeling


AUUG is in the same league expressiveness-wise as a few of the better multi-thousand dollar controllers that I've had the good fortune to work with lately.
You did a great job.

Dave Casey (Motion Synth user, USA)

This app is not a game or gimmick, it's a powerful tool
....a very interesting and flexible novel midi controller for all possible applications.
There is huge potential in this.

Moodgorning (Motion Synth user, Germany)

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