This FAQ is focussed on basic questions about the AUUG Motion Synth and ordering.

For setup and usage information please visit www.auug.wiki.

ANDROID COMPATIBILITY: Is there an Android version of the AUUG Motion Synth?

Currently there is no Android version of the AUUG Motion Synth. However, we are keen to develop this product if enough Android users are interested. Please help us get this product to you sooner by answering three quick questions: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R7HWHQX

COMPATIBILITY: Which iPhone and iPod touch models does the AUUG Motion Synth support?

The iPhone 4S and up, as well as the iPod touch 5th generation and up. The iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus are not supported.

LEFTIES: Will there be a left handed version?

At present the AUUG grip is designed to provide optimal ergonomics for the right hand, and can’t be used via the left hand. Assuming there is sufficient interest, one of our earliest priorities will be investing the funding required to develop and manufacture a left-handed version of the AUUG grip, and there are certainly no technical obstacles in the way. We recognize that left-handed people need a device that best suits them, and that some adventurous people want to play two Motion Synths at the same time 🙂 In the meantime, and without being condescending to left-handers, we do want to emphasize that the Motion Synth is easy to use and people can improve their skill level with it rapidly. See here for estimates that the Kickstarter video performers provided of their total practice and composition time prior to shooting the video: http://www.auug.com/musician-composition-and-practice-time/

COMPATIBLE iOS APPS: Which iOS audio apps can the AUUG Motion Synth ‘play’?

Here is a list of apps that we have tested with the AUUG Motion Synth (see www.auug.com/playable-ios-apps). Some of these apps were used in the Kickstarter demo video and are listed in the ‘Kickstarter video musicians and content’ section in the main description. Any iOS app that can receive ‘virtual MIDI’ and can operate in ‘background audio’ mode is likely to be compatible. These two features are quickly becoming standard for high quality audio apps, and a list of such apps can be found here: http://www.iosmusician.com/app-lists/virtual-midi

Customs cost: What customs charges might I incur if I order the Motion Synth to ....?

Here are some examples of tax free thresholds by country (if your order is below the threshold your local customs office will not bother to charge duties/taxes). Please note: If you want to be sure of these cost you MUST contact your local customs authority! We ship from the USA.

Canada: Canada has the world’s lowest threshold for tax-free imports. It adds taxes on online purchases worth more than $CA20 ($AU20.78)

New Zealand: Our friends across the Tasman start taxing goods at $NZ220 ($AU197.61)

European Union: Individual countries can charge different value added taxes, but goods costing EUR 150 ($AU222.94) are duty-free

UK: Value added tax (their GST) kicks in at online purchases worth £15 ($AU26.64)

South Korea: South Korea, on the other hand, begins taxing online purchases at KRW150,000 ($AU154.94)

Singapore: GST is waived on goods worth below SGD400 ($AU349.89)

UAE: Tax-free up to 500 AED ($AU149.03)

Russia: Tax kicks in at shipments with value over 5000 RUB ($AU166.28)

Source: http://www.smartcompany.com.au/finance/tax/34727-gst-threshold-for-online-shopping-how-australia-stacks-up-compared-to-the-world.html#

AUUG Motion Synth App only: Can I get the Motion Synth App without the Motion Synth Grip?

A basic free version of the Motion Synth App will is available in the Apple app store. When purchasing the Motion Synth Grip you will be given a code to upgrade the Motion Synth App to the full functionality required to work with the Motion Synth Grip.

ABLETON LIVE: Can I send MIDI messages to Ableton Live?

Absolutely! You can send note and CC MIDI messages from the Motion Synth to Ableton over WiFi (or via a MIDI cable adaptor). For more details see the answer to the FAQ: WIRELESS LAPTOP CONTROL AND SOFTWARE.

WIRELESS LAPTOP CONTROL AND SOFTWARE: How does the AUUG Motion Synth work with a laptop?

iPhones and iPod touch mobile devices can send musical control signals (coreMIDI protocol) to MacBooks wirelessly (by creating an ‘ad hoc’ Wi-Fi network on your laptop; no Wi-Fi router or additional gear needed). Windows laptops can create a similar wireless setup using free third party software: http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/rtpmidi.html (kindly made available by Tobias Erichsen – please consider giving him a donation for his excellent work!). Any software with MIDI functionality can be used with the AUUG Motion Synth (e.g. GarageBand, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Max, PD, Reaktor, Massive, etc).

MIDI OUTPUT: What do I need to send cabled MIDI from the AUUG Motion Synth to an external device?

We have tested the iRig MIDI and it works very well with the AUUG Motion Synth. iOS devices with a lightning connector will require a lightning adapter. Other iOS MIDI adaptors may work but we have not tested them yet.

SOUND SYNTHESIS: Does the Motion Synth App produce its own sounds?

The Motion Synth App (release 1.3 and up) does include a selection of onboard sounds, that can be controlled via motion and touch. The Motion Synth app captures touchscreen and motion sensor input, processes these inputs to produce musically-expressive control signals. The app can also output these signals to other apps running on the same iOS device (or other external devices that produce sound).

WIRELESS MIDI OUTPUT: Can the AUUG Motion Synth send wireless MIDI to devices other than laptops?

Cable connections offer high reliability and low latency, but wireless options are continually improving. If a Wi-Fi router (acting as an ‘ad hoc’ Wi-Fi network creator) and the iOS app ‘MIDIBridge’ are used, two iOS devices can exchange wireless MIDI data. Thus a MIDI chain could be created like this: AUUG Motion Synth (via Wi-Fi) to iPod touch (via iRig MIDI) to target device. Manufacturers are looking to make wireless MIDI connections much easier than this however, with products like: www.zivix.net and http://www.iconnectivity.com/iConnectMIDI4plus

STANDALONE SYNTH MODE: What else do I need to play sounds with the AUUG Motion Synth?

If you want to use musical sounds beyond what are available within the Motion Synth App, here some of the apps that we have tested for use with the AUUG Motion Synth: www.auug.com/playable-ios-apps. iPhones and iPod touch units have speakers, but if you want to be heard over other instruments you will need to plug into an amplification system via a standard 3.5mm TRS audio cable. You can also listen to the sounds produced via earbuds or headphones plugged into the iOS device you have integrated into the AUUG Motion Synth.

VOCAL HARMONY AND EFFECTS: What else do I need for creating and controlling vocal harmonies or effects using the AUUG Motion Synth?

Guides for creating and controlling vocal harmonies and effects can be found here:




iOS DEVICE CASES: Can the AUUG grip be used with an iPhone or iPod touch while it is in a case?

To achieve precise alignment with the screen overlay, the AUUG grip front section fits your iOS device quite snugly. Screen protectors or back surface protectors are compatible, but thicker items (e.g. cases) would need to be removed in order to fit you iOS device into the AUUG grip.